Possible Future Content

I have returned, and this time with a new post!

Since October I’ve been into a card game called Yu-Gi-Oh, and I’ve had a blast playing it – so much so that I might be making a few pages based on the game. As I’ve said prior, don’t take this as a promise for future content, but if I do make a page or two, it’ll probably be about Yu-Gi-Oh.

If you want to get into an interesting, strategic, and overall fun game, I suggest this one. Sure, the rules are a bit complicated, but you’ll get used to it and eventually have lots of fun.

Ben and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Update

Well, we’re here again. A lack of posts over the course of time, who would’ve guessed? I have come to you with one last procrastination announcement:

From now on, I will post only when I want to.

This time, I’m making no promises about anything, because I’m pretty sure you know how it would end up. Whenever I want to, I’ll make posts, but not with any specific dates. All I want to say is that no more promises will be made and that I will only post when I feel like it.

Currently, I’m in progress of making an Independent Study for one of my school classes, so check on that every now and then.

Another Lack of Summer Activity

Hey, everyone!

As you may have guessed by the title, I did not post anything on this website over my summer break. I started school on September 7, and have started a new school year. Since I’ll have even more stuff to do than last year, I definitely will not be posting as much as I was when I first restarted this site.

This might seem like one of my crappy promises again, but I might get to updating bencotton.com on my free time at home. I’m (probably) done making MSGV walkthroughs as well.

Also, if you were wondering, I didn’t go to TooManyGames.

E3 – A Brief Summary

E3 just happened, and the major game developers just announced their newest games. I’m excited for a few, but otherwise this E3 was not as great as, say, the 2015 one (with Fallout 4). Here are a few of my favorite games from this event –

  • Destiny 2 looks decently interesting.
  • Battlefront 2 actually looks good (I’ll be interested if it has Galactic Conquest).
  • I don’t care about the new Mario or Yoshi game. The franchise has been milked enough already.
    • Update – Mario Odyssey actually looks kinda good
  • A new Xbox? I’m glad I didn’t buy the Xbox One. I’m probably not going to be buying this one either, though.
  • A Metroid 2 remake? Hmm, that sounds familiar…
  • Bethesda’s conference wasn’t interesting (except for Doom VR and the Wolfenstein game)
  • I express even less interest in Ubisoft’s conference as the “””gameplay footage””” isn’t probably the same as the real game (I feel bad for all of the poor souls pre-ordering Far Cry 5)
  • As much as I used to like Pokemon the new game for the Switch is only partially interesting.
  • A SOTC remake for the PS4? Didn’t expect that.
  • Ubisoft also collaborated with Nintendo to make a strategy game. Ok?

Well, that’s all I have for this year’s E3 now. If anything else interesting pops up, I’ll make sure to put it in.