“Leaked” DLCs Coming Soon?


(Note: Sorry if the title seems like clickbait. That’s exactly what I don’t want to do!)

According to a few videos I found on Youtube, some clever file-browsers found files leading to the names of (Note: These names might not be accurate) “NukaWorld”, “WastelandWorkshop2”, and “WastelandWorkshop3”. Similarly to the other DLCs, these might be named differently, but if there’s going to be 3 more DLCs, I’m excited. As very little of you know, I have the season pass, so I’ll be doing (possibly) walkthroughs and (most likely) reviews. Seeing how good the previous ones were, we’ll see if these meet up to their expectations.

My brother is exceptionally excited for the 2 Wasteland Workshops, because he likes them more than the other DLCs.



The new trailer for “Far Harbor” has been released! Sorry I couldn’t get to this earlier, though. Too busy playing PAYDAY 2 and Hotline Miami to actually do it(:P).

Well, the new DLC is coming out on May 19th, and in a week after that I’ll start making more Fallout walkthroughs. The game can go a bit slow at times, so I’m playing PAYDAY and such to pass it. I’ll be back to Fallout in a bit, though. Also, for some reason, my brother isn’t excited for Far Harbor nor Automatron, however he was the most excited with Wasteland Workshop, the “worst” of the DLC. (don’t worry, I’m not saying it was bad, I quite enjoyed it, but I just simply enjoyed Automatron better.) Plus, I’ll start making reviews of the DLC, and then make walkthroughs. A new era of bencotton.com!

UPDATE: Far Harbor is out! I haven’t gotten to play it yet, but once I do, I’ll write a review and walkthrough for it.

UPDATE 2: I played Far Harbor! 1 thing: It’s DARK! (not story-wise, scenery-wise. Also, protip: Don’t use the radio; it ruins the atmosphere!)

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