The first DLC of the new batch, Contraptions Workshop, is coming out next week! It was announced during Bethesda’s E3, and I’m quite excited for what it has. Compared to the last Workshop DLC, this one has more things that I might actually use, like weapon and armor racks. Really excited for this DLC, as the addition will make my settlements much cooler. Anyways, DLC review is coming out next week, so prepare yourselves!

Bethesda’s E3!


Bethesda’s E3 just happened last night! (Note that it was at 10:00 PM in my time). They’ve released tons of new info, but I haven’t seen anything about it yet. So, I’ll be updating this page, talking about everything that Bethesda has revealed!

New things! (these aren’t in order, just off of memory)

– Fallout Shelter is getting an update, so I guess that’s cool and all?

-New Fallout DLCs! Turns out that the leaks were apparently right, and “Contraption Workshop”, “Vault-Tec Workshop”, and “Nuka World” will be coming out monthly. So excited!

-Dishonored 2 is coming out. I like the first game a lot, so I’m excited for this one, too.

-Quake Champions is coming out, and that’ll be fun. I might want to get into Quake because of this game. It looks really cool.

-A new game which no one has seen, “Prey” looks similar to Alien: Isolation, Doom, and Dishonored. Might want to pick it up.

-DOOM is getting more updates and a DLC pack, so that seems cool. Once again, might want to get it.

-Skyrim special edition looks cool, might want to get into ES again.

-A card game about the Elder Scrolls? Huh.

-More ESO stuff? Whoopee.

Anyways, currently the only thing I didn’t like during this presentation was the ESO stuff. Hyped about everything else!

I might be reviewing the other E3s, so stay tuned??