’s (belated) 1 Year Anniversary!

Yesterday was’s 1 year anniversary for the reboot of my site! Yay! I’m planning on making a ton of content in the following months to celebrate this event. Heck, I might even get back into the swing of things and start making posts more often! I’ll also be cleaning up things and changing things to make the site more formal and easier to go around.

A list of things that I expect to be coming in the following months:

  • Plenty of new posts
  • New pages to organize other pages better
  • Lots of walkthroughs and reviews
  • (possibly) A new theme!
  • Nuka-World Review! (It’s late, but I don’t care!)
  • A whole lot more!

The next few months are going to be action packed, and I can’t wait until I start posting!

A Serious, Last Update


This will be my last update for awhile, but I just want to say something quickly – I’m going to make posts and pages when I feel like it.

Fallout 4 no longer interests me that much, I’ve played DOOM for a few hours – but I’ve recently been playing Metal Gear Solid 5 way too much. I mean, seriously, it’s too fun. I haven’t been wanting to blog as I’m not as interested in Bethesda stuff anymore, but I will make other posts – eventually. I might make another post this month, in April, this year, next year… but I’ll do it when I want to. It’s not like I have 500 viewers daily, either, so nobody will really care. I haven’t lost my interest in blogging, however, so I am planning to make a few posts or pages soon™.

HOWEVER, since tomorrow (March 7) is the 1 year anniversary of this site’s revamp, I might make a special post to celebrate this occasion…

Like I said before, this is my last update for awhile, so no more “hey guys i’m almost done” stuff.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.