E3 – A Brief Summary

E3 just happened, and the major game developers just announced their newest games. I’m excited for a few, but otherwise this E3 was not as great as, say, the 2015 one (with Fallout 4). Here are a few of my favorite games from this event –

  • Destiny 2 looks decently interesting.
  • Battlefront 2 actually looks good (I’ll be interested if it has Galactic Conquest).
  • I don’t care about the new Mario or Yoshi game. The franchise has been milked enough already.
    • Update – Mario Odyssey actually looks kinda good
  • A new Xbox? I’m glad I didn’t buy the Xbox One. I’m probably not going to be buying this one either, though.
  • A Metroid 2 remake? Hmm, that sounds familiar…
  • Bethesda’s conference wasn’t interesting (except for Doom VR and the Wolfenstein game)
  • I express even less interest in Ubisoft’s conference as the “””gameplay footage””” isn’t probably the same as the real game (I feel bad for all of the poor souls pre-ordering Far Cry 5)
  • As much as I used to like Pokemon the new game for the Switch is only partially interesting.
  • A SOTC remake for the PS4? Didn’t expect that.
  • Ubisoft also collaborated with Nintendo to make a strategy game. Ok?

Well, that’s all I have for this year’s E3 now. If anything else interesting pops up, I’ll make sure to put it in.