Fallout 4 Walkthrough – “Headhunting” (Kinda Spoiler Free)

Being a really hard quest, this quest rewards well for its difficulty. After retrieving the first device, Ada wants you to get two more.

First, go to Fort Hagen, and find the first robot. A few robots are guarding it, so be careful! You might die a few times. After killing the robot, take the device, and give it to Ada. You’ll be requested to go to a radar place. Go there, take out the outside, and then go up some stairs, and reach a terminal. Use the terminal to open the door to the basement. Go in the basement.

After clearing out a few rooms, you’ll find the robot, and a bigger robot behind it. If you’re feeling brave, you can attack the bigger robot, but quicksave before doing it. You get good rewards for killing it. After you collect the robot, start leaving. Be warned, there are harder enemies that await your presence. In one room, there is a gaming terminal. If you go on it, you’ll get a hologame called “Automatron”, so that’s cool. Eventually, the robot will say something about “this is the one that ripped my head off”, and you should go into a cautious state. There is an assaultron (along with a person in T-60) there, and they have powerful weaponry. Once you successfully take down them both, loot them. Take the arms and body of the power armor, and also take the gun, for good measure. Give the power armor to Ada, keep the weapon to yourself. You’ll soon enter a room with an open door and a steamer trunk. Inside the steamer trunk you’ll find an “Assaultron Blade”, “Mr. Handy Buzz Blade”, and “Salvaged Assaultron Head”. Take them ALL. You’ll soon be outside, so go back to your robotics station and build a body for the robot. A cheap one is recommended, as you cannot be companions with the robot. After this, you’ve completed the quest, so go on to the next one!