PAYDAY 2 Walkthrough – “Shadow Raid”

Being one of the very first heist that was released for free, Shadow Raid remains to be popular and has two “successors”, Car Shop and Murky Station. It is infamous for it’s difficulty for most players, even on the first difficulty.



To do “Shadow Raid” this way, it is RECOMMENDED to have:

Thermal Paste (not all the time)

Body Bags

At least 1 extra loot drop-off point

( all of these but thermal paste preferred in the yard past the alleyway to the left of the warehouse)

To start off the heist, go to the alleyway to the left of the warehouse. There is a chance that there is a guard standing near an open door in the yard (and there’s always a guard in the alley on Death Wish). Take the guard(s) out, then bag (and hide!). Go into the building, and go upstairs two times. Be wary for guards or civilians on stairs. Once you go upstairs, run towards the door facing you once you go up the stairs, turn left, and then right. Open the door, but watch out for people looking out the window. You’ll find a security guard, so take him out before he spots you, and pick up his keycard. As you do not want the samurai armor on this mission, you are given the opportunity to open a special door that contains loot. You will need a crowbar to continue, so look up crowbar locations to save you time. Open all the containers, and find all the loose loot. You should have at LEAST 1 bag (being the server) before throwing the bags into a small fenced area in the yard, after lock-picking the door facing towards the front of the security room**. Now that you have a crowbar, go downstairs, open the vent next to the door facing the vault, and start looting there. There’s a lot of loot on the bottom floor, so pick the loot up and throw it in the sewers*. After looting the entire first floor, go outside. By now, you should have heard a helicopter arriving, so go outside, and start looting the containers*** **. After all the containers are opened and money taken, you can start to leave.

*You can recover the loot bags by throwing them under a small space with each vent. Throw them near the place that you can see the sky.

**Do not move any of the loot until it’s all secured. Once it is, start moving it.

***You can cut fences, so once you find an area with bags you can hop on (near the staircase near the van) you can cut the fence and throw bags.


These assets are RECOMMENDED, not required:

Thermal Paste (not all the time)

Body Bags

(If not buying thermal paste, place body bags near yard. Otherwise, place near van)

At least 1 extra loot dropoff point (any place, yard not recommended)

(Note: After getting the vault open, loot the depot, but not the containers)

Go into the alley, and enter the yard. If there’s a guard blocking the door, you cannot go this way. If there’s no guard, lock-pick the door and get in. If there is a guard, go around the other way, with the stairs next to the van. Get into the crate area. Avoid killing any white-dressed security guards. Find a latter and go up it, lock-pick the door, and you’ll be in the vault area. Go to the security room, and take out the guard. Pick up his keycard. Now, wait until the helicopter arrives. If it drops the crate, you’re safe, but if you get the extra 4 guards, it is recommended to restart. Start killing the Murkywater guards inside, as there are only 3 patrolling, but bag them all, as you have to wait for civilians later (unless one drops a keycard near the vault room). Start looting like you would regularly, but if you see a civilian in an orange hat near the vault, take him hostage or kill him, and put your keycard from the security guy in the left slot. Run towards the orange guy’s keycard, take it, and put it in the right slot. After this, the vault will open, allowing you to snag the armor. Now just don’t get caught by a guard, and you’ll be “in the clear”.

(Note: If you want to do this DW, do not place any assets in the yard, and skip the alleyways. There is an unavoidable guard!)

I might update this page with crowbar and container locations soon!