Wasteland Workshop Review

This is my Wasteland Workshop review! Covering all of the tabs in the workshop, so I’ll have my full review and final thoughts.


In the structures, they’ve released concrete structures. They’re cool, sophisticated, and more expensive than wood or metal. I personally enjoy them because they don’t have holes in them, and they’re straight up & down. Sadly, they’re expensive as heck, and you’ll need to make frequent trips back to Myrna or Trashcan Carla to get more. I didn’t have any concrete at the time, as I spent it all fixing The Castle’s walls :P. There are also powered doors, but nobody uses those, right?


Sadly, there were no new furniture added in this update. I was kind of looking forward to any new furniture, but luckily this DLC makes up in many other categories.


There were plenty of new decorations in this update! Featuring new lights, like candles and lanterns, lettering to keep your stuff organized, buses, way more mounted creatures, etc, etc. I’ve found a good use for the lettering, but the other things don’t really appeal to me that much.

This DLC introduced wayyyy more power items! There’s a new generator, the Fusion Generator, which makes up for the 5+ large generators you have in your settlement (i know you have at least 5 of them!) by giving you 100 power, costing as much resources as 2 of the large generators, and is much more silent. No new connectors, but there’s tons of new lights to illuminate your settlement. Don’t forget the neon lights, too.


Never liked how tesla arcs, flamethrowers, and radiation emitters worked for traps? Well, now you have the wonderful ability to make things like saw traps, spikes, and trapdoors to more efficiently eliminate foes.


There’s no new food in this update, but I would’ve liked a new thing, like those mutfruit planters in Greygarden. That would’ve been cool. There’s a new water purifier, which takes the same power as a water purifier but gives slightly less, but helps if you’re in a place without dirt or water. There are “garden plots” now, which have the wonderful ability to plant dirt anywhere, and the ability to place water pumps or food on the plots.


The main part of this update for most are the cages. The cages are cost-expensive (especially for the later types) but they allow you to have settlers spectate settlers or creatures fight practically every creature in the game.

(mini-walkthrough start)

To make a cage you need plenty of copper, steel, and food that the creature would eat, ex. dogs need dog food, cats need softshell mirelurk meat, yao guai need radstag meat, etc. You also need a power source powering the cage, but having a switched power pylon or switch before the connection helps, too. Remember to make the switch with a green light before you leave/sleep! If you want to farm the cages, sleep for 24 hours repeatedly until the preferred amount of cages are closed, or simply do other things until the cages are closed. Then, when you have enough settlers nearby and you have a quitting time siren on green, turn the power off for the cages and watch the creatures fight until they die. Recommended to have a beta wave emitter to make the surviving creature friendly. Note that raiders, super mutants, and gunners are always hostile. But, if you want to make settlers fight, instead of having two cages, have 1 arena platform and 1 cage or 2 arena platforms! Assign a settler to one of the platforms to make it fight tamed animals or the opposite arena members*. And yes, robots count as settlers. Sadly, any settler can die if they aren’t an official companion.

*Note that it’s recommended that you have both settlers on/near the arena platforms before assigning the second settler to the opposite arena platform, as they’ll immediately become hostile. Use powered doors if you have many settlers fighting each other.


Overall, this DLC is quite nice if you like building settlements. It gives you a few new doo-dads, and they can be quite fun to mess around with or actually use them seriously. Anyways, I enjoyed this DLC, and it is worth the $5.

From a scale from 1 to 10, I give Wasteland Workshop a 6/10.


-Mods can do similar things

-Settlement size is still limited

-No new settlements

-No new furniture, stores, or crafting


-New structures, decorations, power, defense and resources

-New category, cages

-Cheap (DLCs for PAYDAY are around $5, this has much more than one of those)