PAYDAY 2 Walkthrough – Big Bank (Stealth)

“It’s a big bank, but it’s still a bank.”

Big Bank, the first contract issued by The Dentist, is unique in a number of ways. It was the very first heist to issue “preplanning”, but that is now outnumbered by the amount of other heists with the same feature. It’s also one of the hardest heists to stealth, as you need special tactics (and a pinch of luck!) to win.


In preplanning, there are a number of recommended things to get. These include:

– Keycard in the management corridor (if you don’t have ECM overdrive aced or bringing body bag case)

– Body Bag Case in management office (if you have ECM overdrive aced and bringing ECMs)

– Open Door (if not buying Elevator Trick)

– Elevator Trick (if you don’t want Entrapment or already have it)

– Locate Keybox (if you don’t remember all of the keybox spawns)

– Poisoned Cake (your move, I personally recommend pre-vault area if not elevator trick, otherwise if elevator trick, canteen)

– Spotters in Pre-vault area (2 recommended)

Now that you’ve hopefully started your game and stopped drawing in preplanning, I think it’s time you begin the mission. Enter the bank, and go up the stairs to the management corridor. If you don’t have 6th sense aced, exit casing mode & pick up the keycard, but if you do have it aced, pick it up. Now, before you go open that server room, there’s 1 thing you need to do, and that’s to take out the 2 guards roaming (1 if you bought poison cake for the canteen) (You have to take out the guards b/c they notice the server room and pre-vault door open). Then, feel free to take out the people in formal clothing who roam around the outskirts of the main bank, such as the office area and management corridor. Now, since you’ve taken out the guards, take out the cameras. However, if all the guards in the main area have already died (or there’s a small chance if more then 1 is still alive), at least 1 of the guards in the pre-vault area will stand still, as their pathfinding won’t allow them to reach the camera. Now, hack the terminal in the server room. If the monitor doesn’t say “ACCESS DENIED” and emit a beeping sound, you’re a lucky Joe and don’t have to deal with the excruciating pain that is sneaking throughout the office. Now, if it does say “ACCESS DENIED” and emits a beeping sound, you have to go to the office area and start hacking PCs. Also, you may not know this, but you can hack the PCs through the cubicles, allowing you to do it undetected. Once you achieve the code, go to the pre-vault entrance door, and start the timelock. Now, you have to go to the manager’s office (the area where you placed the body bags and/or keycard) and wait. The elevators will begin to move, and either 2 civilians can come out or 2 civilians and 1 guard, each 1 at a time. If a guard appears, take out the guard, bag him, and hide him. Now, eventually the phone will start ringing. Pick it up. If Bain succeeds at persuading the operator, you can go by, but if you fail, she sends 2 regular blue weak cops to address the situation. Take them out like they’re normal guards, bag them, hide them, etc. Now the time lock door has opened, and go inside. However, watch out for the lasers, as touching one will incinerate you set off the alarm. You can disable half or all by inserting keycards. Now that you’re inside, find the vault. Once you find the vault, activate the fingerprint scanner. Now, find 2 green buttons. Push them. Once you’ve pushed them, you’ll have to backtrack all the way to the manager’s computer (next to the phone you answered) and accept the open request. Once you’ve done that, you have to go back, open the vault, and find the keys (unless you have silent drilling). Once you’ve found the keys, start opening the cages, grab the loot, and (if you’re feeling frisky) pick deposit boxes. They contain some extra goodies, just have a friend bring a silent saw or lockpicking aced. Now that you have the loot, there’s 2 scenarios:

1: Transport each bag from the pre-vault area to the van 1 by 1. Getting 12 bags w/o disabling lasers gets you the “Entrapment” achievement.

2: Open the elevator if you have the “Elevator Trick”, and transport bags 1 by 1. Faster & less risky then default van,  but doesn’t get you “Entrapment”.