Fallout 4 Walkthrough – “Far From Home”, “A Walk in The Park” (Kinda Spoiler Free)

Yay, Far Harbor is out! I’ve only gotten to the first 2 missions in the first day, but they’re pretty cool.

If you’ve completed the quest “Getting a Clue”, you’ll get a radio signal from Valentine’s Detective Agency. Listen to the message on it, and then go to it. After talking with Ellie, it is recommended to partner up with Nick Valentine, as he’s the one who gave you the quest in the first place, and he’ll cause special dialogue with him and NPCs. After going to the farest of north, you’ll find a house and a boat shack. Talk to the man resident inside, who has seemed to lost their family’s daughter. You can also get paid for solving the mission, but that requires a few “speech checks”. I got to 500, the maximum payment. Then, you can either walk around the residence and find clues to where the daughter is (I didn’t do that) or question the father and mother, but it requires another “speech check” (which I did). Then, go to the boathouse.

You’ll find a safe, with a note on top, saying that you should “picture where the key is”. After taking around 5 minutes wandering out of the boathouse and looking everywhere, I realized that the picture had the key in it. I felt stupid, and then proceeded to open the safe. You then found out that the daughter went to a place called “Far Harbor”, and then you tell her parents about her. You then get paid (if you chose to) and you are instructed to go on the boat and travel to Far Harbor. Well, the first quest is complete, so now let’s go on to the next!

Once you arrive at Far Harbor, you’ll realize one thing: “Jeez, this place is dark!” Not story-wise, though. Just the atmosphere. The sky is murky, and you can barely see things. Anyway, two people are standing at the dock. One doesn’t like you, and the other welcomes you. You say that you’re there to look for the daughter, and they let you in. However, they hear noises, so they get to the gate and prepare to fight the oncoming onslaught. Once you fight the onslaught, you talk with one of the people, and you are instructed to meet an old guy in a bar. Once you go to the bar, pick up the magazine next to the old guy, and then you’ll be able to go to a place with him. On the way to the place, there will be several encounters with enemies, so quicksave after a group is cleared. Soon, you’ll be at the place where you want to.