MGSV Walkthrough – “Phantom Limbs”

This’ll be the very first Metal Gear Solid 5 walkthrough I make, but it’ll be a start. I’m planning to eventually make walkthroughs for (almost) every mission in the game. Let’s start out with the first mission in the game – Phantom Limbs. Phantom Limbs is probably one of the best opening missions to any game, as this mission shows you the game’s open-world aspect.

Recommended Buddy – D-Horse

  • D-Horse is your default buddy for this mission, and he’s also the best. He allows you to get to places quicker, which is a primary requirement for this mission.


This mission begins with you and Ocelot at Spugmay Keep in Afghanistan. Listen to and do what he says. Then, he’ll instruct you to go to the nearest village and search for anything that can help find your extraction target – Miller, one of your friends from the old Mother Base. Use D-Horse to gallop towards the village – going through the guard post is optional as you can just go around it – to go towards Wialo Village, Da Wialo Kallai. If you believe it is necessary, do some recon by pulling out your binoculars and marking a few enemies. Then, make your way inside of the village. There will be one building that should catch your eye, and that would be the biggest one with the heaviest security. Get inside of the building, and make your way to the second floor. Once at the second floor, go inside of the only room to find an intel file. Scan the intel file to find the exact location of where Miller is. Then, leave the building, and make your way towards where they’re holding him. You can either go there by D-Horse, by vehicle, on foot, or by the easiest way, which is by delivery point. You can’t use the delivery point system to its fullest potential until later in the game, however. Once you make it to the area where Miller is being held captive, you should make your way to his location. Once you get to him (and if he’s alive), you begin carrying him.

Then, take him to the landing zone (LZ). When you get to the landing zone, you’ll be greeted with a surprise – the helicopter can’t land because of mist. Then, you’ll find out that there are these guys who appeared out of nowhere with glowing green eyes heading slowly towards you, called the Skulls. It is next to impossible to avoid detection by the Skulls, so just run past them. Don’t try shooting them, either – it probably won’t work that well. To avoid these guys, either achieve the next to impossible by sneaking past them or put Miller on your horse and gallop away from them as fast as possible (you can’t run away in the direction that the Skulls are going, that’s outside of the mission area). Once you run away from the Skulls, the helicopter’s position is relocated. Go there and put Miller into the chopper and go off with him. The mission’s done, congrats!

Optional Objectives

  • Extract the commander at Wakh Sind Barracks
    • To do this objective, go to Wakh Sind Barracks before extracting Miller. In the main area of the barracks, you’ll find a man who’s wearing a red beret – that means he’s the commander. Knock him out or put him to sleep and successfully extract him, by either Fulton or chopper.
  • Complete the mission without being detected by the Skulls
    • While it may seem hard at first, this is actually quite easy to accomplish. When you have Miller, relocate the helicopter’s LZ so it’s not the area that the Skulls ambush you in. It’s that simple! However, you need to encounter them in your first playthrough so if you think you can sneak around them on your first try, you can’t.
  • Extract the transport truck driver
    • When you first go to Da Wialo Kallai, you’ll see a guy next to a truck standing there. That’s the transport truck driver. You can either incapactitate him there and extract him, or go into the back of the truck, go prone, and wait until he’s driven into a non-inhabited area. Then, shoot the truck with a weapon that isn’t a tranquilizer (to get him to leave the truck) and then incapactitate him there.
  • Secure a rough diamond hidden at Spugmay Keep
    • At Spugmay Keep (the place you start out in) there’s a rough diamond hidden near a crack in the wall. Climb the crack and secure the diamond. You can also see the gleam that the diamond radiates in both the beginning cutscene and when you look for the diamond itself.