MGSV Walkthrough – “A Hero’s Way”

The mission A Hero’s Way is the third mission in the game. It takes place in Afghanistan (as most early missions do), and the objective is to eliminate a Spetsnaz Commander at Da Shago Kallai. He’s well-guarded, so taking him out won’t be that easy of a task.

Recommended Buddy – DD/Quiet

  • DD and Quiet are both valuable for this mission. In addition to the area being quite open, you’ll need to mark lots of soldiers to be safe – both buddies can do that. While Quiet excels at elimination, DD can help you sniff out the haoma for the extra objective (and to silently eliminate people).


While it may seem difficult, it’s not that hard. Deploy at any landing zone you want (as there’s no obvious choice) but I personally recommend the one to the southeast. Go to Da Shago Kallai, but avoid any security forces – there’s a higher amount due to the commander. Once you get a good sight of the main area (whether you’re in it or you’re doing recon) you may see the commander. He’s in a red beret, which makes him easy to spot. Once you see the commander, neutralize him. You can do it as you please, whether in plain sight, in his quarters, kill, tranquilize, stun, extract, etc. Once you eliminate the commander, leave the hotzone.

Note that if the base goes on alert, the commander goes to his living quarters, but if there’s no alert he can be out in the open. The commander also has significantly higher stats than the other soldiers (if you’re starting out, of course) so I recommend to extract him.

Optional Objectives

  • Neutralize the commander from 100 meters or more
    • To the south of the base, there’s a big hill. This gives you the opportunity to recon for the commander, and if you see him, neutralize him. Note that the window in his living quarters does have glass in it, so to pierce through it you’ll need a weapon with a viable penetration stat (the glass-piercing tranq pistol does work).
  • Extract the commander
    • This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You can either kill or extract the commander, but it’s recommended to extract him instead (I ignorantly killed him in my first playthrough of this mission).
  • Secure processed materials hidden at Da Shago Kallai
    • The processed materials are hidden quite well – it’s not easy to find them. A single “box” of common metal is hidden under the right side of a bridge to the north of Da Shago Kallai.
  • Pick a haoma at Da Shago Kallai
    • This objective isn’t as easy, either. To the southeast of Da Shago Kallai, there’s a big desert. Go looking in the desert, and you’ll eventually encounter two haoma plants. Pick them both. I recommend bringing DD along with you for this mission to find the plant.