Deck and Combos: D/D/D

Released in the Arc-V era and used by the protagonist’s rival, D/D stands for “Different Dimension” (they’re not the same as D.D., I swear!) and D/D/D stands for “Different Dimension Demon”. Generally, the deck does not specialize in a single form of Summoning – it’s good with Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum Summoning, so it is (mostly) unaffected by cards like Dimensional Barrier. Due to its high reliance on the Extra Deck, D/D/D does not fare well against anti-Extra Deck cards (like Domain of the True Monarchs or Artifact Scythe.), and is made less powerful with the addition of Master Rule 4 – although it is still usable.

Last Updated: 4/10/18

Main Deck

Monsters – 24

D/D Lamia – 3

  • D/D Lamia is your main Synchro maker. While its effect may seem rather lackluster at first, you can still Special Summon it with the support of other D/D monsters. Its effect can also be used as a last resort when you have no other ways to revive it.

D/D Swirl Slime – 3

  • Swirl Slime is extremely useful for getting your D/D Fusion Monsters onto the field, by performing a Fusion by using it and another D/D in your hand. It also has a useful effect that you can banish it from the GY to Special Summon a D/D from your hand.

D/D Necro Slime – 3

  • Necro Slime functions similarly to Swirl Slime, but instead of using materials from the hand, you banish it and another D/D from your GY. Using it with Swirl Slime allows you to get two relatively powerful Fusion Monsters on the field.

D/D Orthros – 2

  • Orthros has 2 uses to it. For starters, it’s a Level 4 Pendulum Tuner, so it goes to the Extra Deck when you Synchro with it – very nice. Its Pendulum effect allows you to destroy a Spell/Trap on the field by destroying another D/D or Dark Contract you control. You’ll mostly use it for its second effect, however. (Note that if you SS him, you can only Special Summon Fiends for the rest of the turn.) If you want, you can replace one of this guy with a hand-trap.

D/D Savant Kepler – 3

  • Kepler’s one of your most important searchers. He can search any Dark Contract card (or bounce a D/D or Dark Contract card) on Summon, and has a Pendulum Scale of 10. You almost never put him in the Pendulum Zone, as his searching effect is significantly better. Just don’t leave him on the field for too long – his 0 ATK and 0 DEF can make you highly vulnerable.

D/D Savant Thomas – 3

  • Thomas is your main Xyz Monster creator. In the Pendulum Zone, he can add a faceup D/D Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand, allowing you to recycle your Pendulum Monsters. In the Monster Zone, not only does he serve as a good wall, you can destroy a D/D in your Pendulum Zone to summon a Level 8 D/D from your Deck in Defense Position (and negated effects), so you can easily make a Rank 8 Xyz Monster.

D/D Savant Copernicus – 2

  • Copernicus is a Foolish Burial for the entire archetype. He has 0 ATK and 0 DEF, so he’s quite weak, and Level 4 so you can make a Siegfried with Orthros and it. His Pendulum Scale is 1 and can negate effect damage while in the Pendulum Zone at the cost of its own destruction. I use only two because 3 is bricky.

D/D/D Abyss King Ragnarok – 3

  • Ragnarok has two main uses. His first use is that, while in the Pendulum Zone and a D/D is Special Summoned on your field, you can target and Special Summon a D/D from your GY at the cost of taking 1000 damage and having all battle damage you deal halved. His second use is in the Monster Zone, as he revives a D/D/D (not D/D) when Summoned and can Tribute another D/D monster to target and banish an opponent’s monster. Very useful.

Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring – 2

  • These two slots are sort of a wild card. Since I play online (and don’t have to pay anything), I use 2 Ash Blossoms. Ash is incredible for shutting down your opponent’s combos, and has saved me countless times. If you want to, use two of any other hand-trap or, if you’re going budget, use 2 D/D Ghost instead.

Spells – 12

Dark Contract with the Gate – 3

  • Arguably your most important Dark Contract card. While it is a hard once per turn, Gate allows you to search any D/D monster once per turn, at the cost of taking 1000 damage during your Standby Phase. Note that it is a Continuous Spell, so it’s highly vulnerable to Spells like Twin Twisters.

Dark Contract with the Swamp King – 2

  • Very similar to Dark Contract with the Gate. By using Fusion Materials in your hand, on your field, or banishing them from your GY, you can Fusion Summon a D/D Fusion Monster once per turn. Similarly to Gate, it’s a Continuous Spell, and you take 1000 damage during your Standby Phase.

Allure of Darkness – 3

  • One of your main draw power engines. This Spell allows you to draw 2 cards and then banish 1 DARK monster from your hand. However, if you don’t have any DARK monsters in your hand you’ll have to discard your entire hand. You’re basically trading 2 cards for 2 cards. Preferably banish D/D Ghost, as he recovers another banished card.

Pot of Desires – 2

  • Ah yes, the Pot of Neg 9. At first, Desires seems bad, but since you’re running 2 or 3 of every important thing in the deck, you need not worry. It will save you more than it hurts you. In case you don’t know, Desires banishes 10 cards from the top of your deck facedown, and then you draw two cards. It can ruin you at some times, but most of the time you’ll just be benefiting from it.

Foolish Burial – 1

  • A staple in any card that uses the GY, Foolish Burial sends 1 Monster from your Deck to your GY. Very simple yet useful.

Soul Charge – 1

  • Another staple. At the cost of up to 5000 LP, revive up to 5 of your Monsters. The only downside is that you can’t use your Battle Phase the turn you use it. Allows you to extend your plays, especially on Turn 1.

Traps – 4

Dark Contract with the Witch – 2

  •  This Dark Contract acts like all the other Dark Contracts (1k burn per standby) and gives your Fiend monsters 1000 ATK during your opponent’s turn. You can also discard a D/D or Dark Contract card to target and pop a card on the field. Rather situational, but nice nonetheless.

Dark Contract with Errors – 1

  • You can use this card to negate the effects of all Traps on the field for a turn. It also has the same effect as every other Dark Contract. This card works wonderfully against decks like Paleozoics, but otherwise it’s not very useful in a competitive setting. Replace with another Witch if you wish.

Solemn Warning – 1

  • Don’t want a Monster on the field? Negate it for 2000 LP.

Extra Deck

Synchros – 7

Formula Synchron – 1

  • Draw a free card if you combine Kepler and Lamia. Enough said.

D/D/D Gust King Alexander – 1

  • Revive a Level 4 or lower D/D monster if a D/D is Special Summoned to your field. Use to revive Lamia if possible. Decent stats.

D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried – 2

  • Negate a Spell/Trap once per either player’s turn. Good stats.

D/D/D Gust High King Alexander – 1

  • Revive any D/D if a D/D is Special Summoned, and gains 3000 ATK if 2 other D/D/D monsters are on field, boosting it to an amazing 6000 ATK. OTK enabler.

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon – 1

  • Negate a Monster effect once per either player’s turn and runs over any Level 5 or higher Monster. Very useful.

PSY-Framelord Omega –  1

  • During your opponent’s Standby Phase, you can return a banished Monster to the GY. Enables good plays, and does not clog up the Extra Monster Zone if you use one of its effects.

Xyz – 2

D/D/D Duo Dawn King Kali Yuga – 1

  • When Xyz Summoned, negates all other face up cards on the field, and also prevents cards from being activated. Also wields a Quick Effect Heavy Storm or the ability to Set a Dark Contract from your GY at the cost of 1 Xyz Material. Also boasts good stats. Your best Xyz.

Hope Harbinger Titanic Galaxy – 1

  • Negation of any Spell effect once per turn, and gives your weaker monsters some protection. Also has stats identical to Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Fusions – 4

D/D/D Flame King Genghis – 2

  • An extremely useful monster. When another D/D is Special Summoned to your field, you can Special Summon any D/D monster from your GY. Also extremely easy to make.

D/D/D Oracle King d’Arc – 1

  • This card makes it so that LP damage heals you. Note that this doesn’t include paying LP, but can make your Dark Contracts heal you.

D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok – 1

  • Situational, but useful nonetheless. Not only does it have impressive stats, it can bounce a D/D or Dark Contract card you control to equip an opponent’s monster to this monster when you battle, and it gains ATK equal to the ATK of equipped monsters. Very good at tackling certain cards.

Links – 2

Masterking Archfiend – 1

  • This card is a useful Link 2 which allows you to have a chance at getting D/D monsters back when you send them to the GY. It’s quite good.

Saryuja Skull Dread – 1

  • Draw 4 cards. Place three on deck bottom. A very good Link Monster, and can even SS a monster to one of its zones.


D/D/D is a very combo-focused deck, so here’s a few effective combos:

Swirl Slime, Lamia, Ragnarok

  • Use Swirl Slime to fuse with Lamia, and create Genghis. Banish Swirl Slime from GY to Special Ragnarok from hand. Use Genghis to revive Lamia. Synchro Genghis with Lamia to create Alexander, and then use Lamia’s effect to destroy Gate or another D/D in hand and revive Lamia again. (Side note – when Lamia is SSed while Alexander is on field, you can revive a D/D that’s Level 4 or lower if you have any in your GY) Then, Synchro Lamia with Alexander to either create Crystal Wing or Siegfried. If you Synchro into Siegfried, you can Xyz into Kali Yuga, but do not need to (it’s situational).

Copernicus, Orthros

  • Normal Summon Copernicus, and send Swirl Slime to GY. Banish Swirl Slime from GY to Summon Orthros from hand, and Synchro into Siegfried. You can reuse Copernicus and Orthros via Pendulum, as they’re both Pendulum Monsters. (Note – it doesn’t use your Normal Summon.)

Copernicus, Orthros, Swirl Slime, Any other D/D or Dark Contract

  • Use Swirl Slime to fuse one of the two, and make Genghis. Then banish Swirl Slime and Special the other one, and use Genghis to Special the one sent to GY. Use Copernicus’ effect to send Lamia to the GY. Then, use Lamia’s effect to send a D/D or Dark Contract to the GY and Special Summon it. From here, Synchro Genghis with Lamia for Alexander, Synchro Orthros and Copernicus for Siegfried, then Special Lamia with Alexander to Synchro into Siegfried again. You can Xyz into Kali Yuga from here, but as I’ve said, it’s very situational. (Note – you’ll need 2 Extra Monster Zones to pull this combo off. It does not use a Normal Summon, either.)

Other Notes

D/D/D is highly combo-based, so it’s not great for beginners, and also means it’s very vulnerable to Ash Blossoms. While it is not as good as it was before Link Summoning, it’s still quite viable. It’s a fun deck to play, due to the variety of Summoning it contains. Not only is it fun to play and highly combo-based, making a D/D/D deck is relatively cheap (compared to other decks).