Deck and Combos: Buster Blader

Being used by Yugi in the original anime, Buster Blader was supposed to act as a counter to Seto Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon. However, new support for Buster Blader was added in Breakers of Shadow, The Dark Illusion, and Maximum Crisis in the form of the “Destruction Sword” archetype. This made Buster Blader a significantly stronger deck. Playstyle-wise, a deck involving Buster Blader and Destruction Sword has a focus on lockdown, as the Destruction Sword Equip Monsters can be highly effective on Decks that rely heavily on the Extra Deck. The most effective lockdown Buster Bladers have to offer, however, is the “Buster Lock” (as I call it). Not only can it be done with relative ease, it prevents your opponent from attacking and activating Monster effects (on the field). Keep in mind, however, Buster Blader has lost some of its strength with the additions of the Extra Monster Zones, as the “Buster Lock” requires two Monsters from the Extra Deck. The Buster Lock also involves turning Monsters into Defense Position, so it does not work on Link Monsters (but can be bypassed with one of the Destruction Sword Equips, preventing your opponent from using the Extra Deck). Now, time for the deck!

Last Updated: 4/12/18

Main Deck


Buster Blader – 3

  • The Monster the entire deck and archetype is made off of. Standalone, has decent stats, and gains 500 ATK for every Dragon your opponent controls and in their Grave. Also can have Dragon Buster equip to it from hand.

Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster – 1

  • Not searchable in some instances, but works very well with DDS. Has identical stats to BB.

Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman – 3

  • When Normalled, searches any Destruction Sword card. Can also be Tributed to SS a BB from hand or GY, and can be Special Summoned from the GY when you control BB by discarding a Destruction Sword card. Also a Level 1 Tuner.

Dragon Buster Destruction Sword – 3

  • Can be equipped to Buster Blader from the hand, and then unequipped and Special Summoned. When equipped, your opponent can’t use the Extra Deck, and is a Level 1 Tuner. Very useful.

Sage with Eyes of Blue – 3

  • Can be used to search Whelp when Normal Summoned. That’s about it for its usefulness.

Gem-Knight Garnet – 1

  • Part of the Brilliant Fusion engine. You don’t want to draw this guy.

Performage Trick Clown – 1

  • Another part of the Brilliant Fusion engine. Not your best draw, either.

Glow-Up Bulb – 1

  • A Level 1 Tuner that can be reused once. Useful.


Emblem of Dragon Destroyer – 2

  • Search Buster Blader from hand or GY. Not bad.

Foolish Burial – 1

  • Send a Monster from the hand to the grave. Good for monsters that like being in the Graveyard.

One for One – 1

  • Can be used to get out Whelp or Dragon Buster.

Twin Twisters – 3

  • This deck doesn’t like Spells and Traps, so run three Twisters for Spell/Trap removal.

Destruction Swordsman Fusion – 2

  • Fuse monsters on either side of the field for a Buster Blader Fusion. Kinda like Super Poly but more restrictive. Works well with Buster Dragon’s effect.

Raigeki – 1

  • Nuke your opponent’s Monsters. Enough said.

Brilliant Fusion – 3

  • Use with Garnet and Trick Clown to Special Summon Seraphinite. Seraphinite allows you to Normal Summon again.

Upstart Goblin – 1

  • Your deck is now 39 cards. Neat.


Destruction Sword Memories – 3

  • Discard a Destruction Sword to SS a Buster Blader from Deck. Easy way to get him out.

Prologue of the Destruction Swordsman – 3

  • Send a Buster Blader and Destruction Sword card from Deck to GY to Special Summon Buster Dragon. It’s destroyed during the next turn’s End Phase, though. Very useful.

Solemn Warning – 1

  • Negate a Summon for 2000 LP. Saves games.

Solemn Strike – 3

  • Negate a Special Summon or Monster effect for 1500 LP. Like Solemn Warning.

Extra Deck


Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman – 2

  • Gains 1000 ATK for every Dragon your opponent controls or is in their Grave. Also turns all Dragons your opponent controls into Defense Position, and also they can’t activate their effects. While DDS can’t attack directly, he does piercing damage. Great with Buster Dragon.

Gem-Knight Seraphinite – 1

  • An extra Normal Summon. Used with Brilliant Fusion.


Buster Dragon – 3

  • With this guy on the field, all your opponent’s Monsters become Dragons. You can also Special Summon a Buster Blader from GY if you don’t have a Buster Blader monster on the field. During your opponent’s turn, you can equip a Destruction Sword monster from your GY to a Buster Blader monster you control. Works great with DDS.

PSY-Framelord Omega – 1

  • Returns a banished card to the GY during your opponent’s Standby Phase, and can also banish itself to banish a random card from your opponent’s hand until your Standby Phase, when both come back. Generally useful.


Number 11: Big Eye – 1

  • Steal an opponent’s monster. Good for getting rid of problematic Monsters.

Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy – 1

  • Negates a Spell. Also has decent stats.


Borreload Dragon – 1

  • Very strong, can possess an opponent’s monster when it attacks it, and can reduce the ATK/DEF of a monster on the field by 500 points once per either player’s turn. Very good.

Decode Talker – 1

  • Generally good Link Monster. Enough said.

Saryuja Skull Dread – 1

  • DRAW FOUR CARDS (then place three on the bottom of the deck). Also has other useful effects.

Linkuriboh – 2

  • Use a Level 1 Monster for it, and can change an attacking Monster’s ATK to 0. Also can be revived by Tributing a Monster.


Brilliant Fusion + Sage

Normal Summon Sage. Use its effect to search Buster Whelp. Activate Brilliant Fusion, and send Garnet and Trick Clown to the grave to Special Seraphinite. Use Trick Clown’s effect to Special Summon it from GY for 1000 LP. Then, Normal Summon Whelp, and search Prologue of the Destruction Swordsman. Link all four into either Borreload or Saryuja, set Prologue, and end. When it comes around to your opponent’s Standby Phase, activate Prologue and send Destruction Sword Memories and Buster Blader to the GY. Then, Chain Memories’ effect in GY to banish BB and Whelp. Both DDS and Buster Dragon will be Summoned.

(Note – If you draw into Trick Clown and still use Brilliant Fusion, using Decode is a decent alternative.)


Normal Summon Whelp. Use its effect to search Prologue. Link Whelp into Linkuriboh, set Prologue, and end. When your opponent’s Standby Phase rolls around, activate Prologue and Summon Buster Dragon by sending Memories and BB to grave. If your opponent attacks one of your Monsters, use Linkuriboh’s effect to Tribute itself and change that Monster’s ATK to 0, and then activate Memories in grave to banish itself, BB, and Whelp to Fusion for DDS. Both DDS and Buster Dragon will be on the field.

(Note: Both of these combos are best going first.)

Other Notes

The Buster Lock is highly weak to hand-traps, as an Effect Veiler or Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit can ruin the entire combo. Because of its flaws, Buster Blader shouldn’t be used in competitive play, but is very good in casual settings. Combos can also be easily interrupted by a Solemn or Ash Blossom.