Deck: Phantasm Spiral

Maximum Crisis was a booster pack that radically changed the game. It introduced support for True Dracos/Kings, Lyriluscs, Zoodiacs, and also contained Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring, which was insanely expensive when it was released (and is still pretty expensive now). However, it also introduced the Phantasm Spiral archetype. Phantasm Spiral is a deck that uses Normal Monsters, along with Equip Spells and various traps. The main strategy is to equip your Normal Monsters with various Phantasm Spiral Equip Spells that can summon Phantasm Spiral Dragon, a Level 8 Normal Monster with 2900 ATK and DEF. The field spell that’s used, Pacifis the Phantasmal City, is vital to the deck, as it does many things to increase consistency. The Phantasm Spiral Traps can be activated from your hand if you control Umi (which Pacifis is always treated as), and can disrupt your opponent’s plays by either destroying a card or negating a Monster’s effects and reducing its ATK and DEF by 1000 each. A downside to the deck, however, is that it can brick at some times, and that can lead to a quick loss. Here’s the deck:

Last Updated: 5/12/19

Main Deck


Phantasm Spiral Dragon – 1

  • The deck’s strongest monster. Level 8 and 2900 ATK is quite fearsome, and can be relatively easy to get out. Ran at 1 because any more can be bricky. It’s also a Normal Monster.

Megalosmasher X – 3

  • A Normal Monster used because it has 2000 ATK, the highest of all Level 4 Normal Monsters. Also Water, and a Dinosaur as well.

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring – 3

  • I use it because I happen to have three copies (thanks, Soulburner) and it’s a very good disruption tool. I also don’t run Demise in my build, so it doesn’t conflict with that.

Effect Veiler – 3

  • Same as above; hand trap I so happen to have and it’s good disruption.

Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit – 1

  • I only have one.


Fossil Dig – 3

  • Searches Megalosmasher, and thins a card from deck.

Terraforming – 2

  • Searches Pacifis.

Pacifis, the Phantasmal City – 3

  • This Field Spell searches your Phantasm Spiral cards and can Summon a 2000 ATK and DEF Token after your opponent does something (only if you control no tokens, though). It’s also always considered Umi, allowing interaction with the Phantasm Spiral traps. However, rulings with this card can get pretty confusing at times.

Pot of Duality – 3

  • A very good staple card, that excavates the top 3 cards of your deck, you add 1 to your hand, and you shuffle the rest into your Deck. Its downside is that you can’t Special Summon the turn you activate it, so you have be careful and think in advance when activating it.

Phantasm Spiral Wave – 1

  • Phantasm Spiral Wave gives the equipped monster battle destruction once per turn. If it battled, Phantasm Spiral Dragon is Summoned at the end of the Battle Phase and makes your opponent discard a card.


Phantasm Spiral Battle – 3

  • A great disruptive trap, Battle targets and destroys a card if you control only Normal Monsters. You can also banish it from your Graveyard to equip all your Phantasm Spiral Equips you control to one of your Normal Monsters, and this is a Quick Effect too (to save your Equip Spells or save a monster from destruction). However, the big deal is if you control Umi, you can activate it from your hand. This allows for some crazy unexpected moves – you can surprise your opponent and disrupt their plays.

Phantasm Spiral Wave – 2

  • If you control only Normal Monsters, one of your opponent’s Effect Monsters has its effects negated and loses 1000 ATK and DEF. You can also activate it from your hand if you control Umi, so you can lure your opponent into attacking your monsters, so you activate this and basically destroy that monster. You can also banish it from your Graveyard to equip a Phantasm Spiral Equip to one of your monsters from hand or GY, allowing for some recycling.

Champion’s Vigilance – 3

  • Basically a Solemn Judgement that’s free and  only works if you control a Monster that’s Level 7 or higher (Phantasm Spiral Dragon or the Token).

Sea Stealth Attack – 3

  • A continuous trap that can makes your Pacifis almost invincible and can banish your token, allowing you to Special Summon another one. You can also use the second continuous effect of the card to destroy any monster your token or Dragon battles, allowing you to remove some problem cards (like Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax).

Metaverse – 3

  • Searches Pacifis.

Lose 1 Turn – 3

  • Simple floodgate card, shuts down many on-summon effects (like Kagari or Miragestallio). Since the card only says that Effect Monsters go into Defense Position, it does nothing to harm you. It can be a brick at times, though.


I don’t use an Extra Deck because it’s impractical with my build and it would cost more money.

Other Notes

This deck has a terrible matchup against any deck that can consistently destroy spells and traps, because Pacifis is the deck’s most important card. My build (and the deck in general) is incredibly cheap, so if you’re looking to play a good budget deck Phantasm Spiral is a good option. If you want to put in better cards (like Card of Demise and Pot of Extravagance, I’d suggest substituting the hand traps. There are also several other builds to this deck, so be creative.